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Marquis Dental Manufacturing Company is a small family owned and operated business in Aurora, Colorado. The business was started by Charles and Margaret Marquis in 1953 and is now operated by John and Kay Marquis. When Marquis Dental was first started a large variety of instruments were manufactured. Eventually, those products were phased out due to the large demand for the Perio-Aid ® and the Marquis ® X2 color coded Perio Probe. Throughout the years Marquis Dental has remained small, allowing the family to provide exceptional customer service and high quality products made entirely in the USA.


Mission Statement

Marquis Dental’s mission is to serve the dental community by supplying the highest quality products at a reasonable price and by providing the best customer service in the industry.




“The Perio-Aid is an essential tool for access to all areas of the mouth for soft tissue massage and plaque removal above and below the gingival line. Toothpicking with a Perio-Aid is fundamental in reaching all palatal, bucal, lingual, and especially mandibular areas. In addition to brushing and flossing, daily Perio-Aid use is ideal in prevention and maintenance of all periodontal soft tissues.”

Myra Bender
Office of Dr. Jan Buckstein
Denver, CO

“The Perio-Aid is the best oral hygiene product I have ever found!!!”

J. Novak
Albany, OR

“I have been using this product for over 15 years & think it is the greatest.”

P. Cortese
New York, NY

“Thank you very much for making this very excellent product. In 4 months I had gum readings down to 4’s from 6’s.”

T. Ewbank
Los Angeles, CA

“I had struggled with gum problems since the early 80’s. I was already using other methods to try to keep my gums healthy, including flossing, but still had major problems. It’s been 15 years since I started using the Perio-Aid and I have not had any problems since.”

J. Wilkinson
North Bennington, VT